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If you're looking to build a website, we may be a great fit. 

We have experience working on both large and small websites, creating appealing and captivating designs that successfully make users want to stay and interact. Depending on the specific needs of the project, we have numerous agencies across the country that we like to work with to implement our design. Our designs are fully responsive, comprehensive, and ready to hand off to an agency to implement. Too many times we have seen great companies hire a web development shop to build a website, only to pay far more than they need to because of their design (or lack thereof). We've worked in web and software development shops, as well as design shops and the main thing that always seems to end up missing is an intimate knowledge of web development and a thoroughness that allows a web development company to fully understand and build our designs. 


We turn over every stone.

With most agencies, you will receive a design for every page - and that's wonderful. However, a lot of web designers are thinking more about the aesthetic application of their design and how users will interact and proceed through the site - and that's wonderful. We believe in doing that as well. 

However, we also know how much gets overlooked when making "cool designs." Things like if a button is placed on a screen, does a modal pop-up, does it hyperlink to somewhere else on the page (and if so is the linked page opened in a new window or in the same window), does it bring up a form, or does something else happen entirely? It's this kind of thoroughness with every single element of the design of your site that we bring to the table, and end up making the entire process more efficient when you're ready to build. 


Every detail - carefully thought out.


Another thing that we've seen many agencies doing is claiming to design your website and make it "fully responsive." So many people use that phrase, "fully responsive," yet so many fail to make even a halfhearted effort. We've seen many websites built on WordPress or other frameworks that provide out-of-the-box responsive features. This is great, but we don't think that it makes the cut. In our designs, we consciously and intensely think about how the site will perform on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. The features and interactions that a user is expecting on a desktop/laptop are (many times) far different than the expectations on a mobile device. We don't simply resize your site for different devices, we design unique experiences for each device. 



We have experience working with and for web development companies, and we know what they look for/need/require to begin working on your website. We also have experience working with advertising agencies that provide half of what is needed to truly build a responsive website. This ends up costing money in the long run, because there is either more work for the advertising agency to do, or the web development company makes the call. We know what is needed and provide it all the first time. It's this kind of intimate knowledge of the web development process that allows us to help your project move forward as efficiently as possible. Once final approval is given for a design, we take it to the development shops, work with them during every single step of the way, ensuring that the site that is launched is the best it can possibly be.


We don't claim to develop websites. We know where our strengths and weaknesses lie, and developing custom websites with complex functionality and coding isn't one of them. Designing custom websites with complex functionality and interactions, however, is one of our major strengths (in other words, UI/UX). Further, we don't step in the middle of the development process, essentially white-labeling some other company's services, and charging you a premium for it. We don't claim to fully build a complex site for you. We let you know who we recommend, or who we are working with on your project, and keep you involved every step of the way.

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