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Although it's our mission to grow your business, we understand that working with a design agency isn't just about results, it's about communication and relationships. 

The better we can manage that relationship - the happier you'll be as a client, and the more we can work together to provide amazing results. 

So rather than judge us by what we have to say about ourselves, read what our clients have to say. At some point they were in your shoes. However, they contacted us, we built a relationship together and they entrusted us with their time, money, and information so we could achieving amazing results for their company. 



What's so impressive about A. W. Duncan Creative, is their investment in their product; their graphics, backgrounds, and music relay Catholic liturgy and movements of tradition in a modern, but sacred sense...Been a pleasure to work with them in enhancing our Pre-Mass worship experience!


We at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish are extremely blessed to be able to enjoy the creativity of A. W. Duncan Creative. Upon entering the Sanctuary for Sunday's Liturgy, the lights are low, prayerful music is being played, and the Gospel reading for the Mass is projected on the walls along with beautiful graphics. What a wonderful way to prepare for Mass by quietly meditating on the Gospel!


I can truly recommend A. W. Duncan Creative, as they have done such a fine job for our liturgy here at St. Thomas the Apostle! Their graphics and knowledge have made a huge difference in the meditation time before mass.


I/we worked directly with A. W. Duncan Creative and they were always professional as well as easy to work with. Austin was super at listening to our needs and incorporating them into our site design. Austin and his team also handle our website maintenance. I would highly recommend A. W. Duncan Creative to help you with your website.


Even without logging into my website, A. W. Duncan Creative provided useful tips and insights - helping me boost my overall website speed by more than 40%! Very helpful and knowledgeable. 


A. W. Duncan Creative is a young and vibrant company who expresses their goal to please clients by:

  1. Bringing something different to the table to allow a project or brand to stand out from the rest,

  2. Always pushing the boundaries of what is technically feasible by exploring every possibility, and

  3. By communicating eloquently and completely to achieve the most timely and economical results.

A W. Duncan Creative is responsible for executing my website design and doing so in an award-winning way! I believe they are the magic in our branding recipe. I am thankful that they have shared their talents with CrudeHands Gloves. Both their design and web/media skillsets keep me pleasantly surprised everyday!


A. W. Duncan Creative was so easy to work with! Our ideas were closely listneed to and we got a great website up in a short time! I would recommend them to anyone with web design needs and questions!


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