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3 things.

1. We're not "yes men." 


We've worked in for years in places where every idea that walks through the door and has money is a great idea. Not only does this start off a business relationship based on a false sense of trust, but we feel as though the work we produce should be just as good as the company behind it. This means that we don't operate like many other design agencies. We don't take on tons of projects, spreading ourselves thin and providing to you what we were able to come up with 2 hours before we said we would have it to you. We don't have 20 other projects on our minds that we're trying to rush through so that we can take on more, either. We take on a limited number of projects at a time so that when we work on your project, you get our complete and full attention every time.


2. we make sure there is a good fit.

We take great care in making sure that we're a good fit and can provide what you're needing. If we don't feel as though we're set up properly to take on your project, we'll let you know. We also know a lot of other agencies across the country that we'll recommend to you. It's important here to realize that we're not here to break your piggy bank. We don't want to just take your money and hand you some design because you want us to create something - the ideas, personalities, goals, and project need to align between both of us. We love planning projects, and if for some reason we're not set up to complete the project, we can certainly help you get it planned out. 


3. no hidden fees or add-on costs once the project starts

Don't let the two previous projects put you off, however. We love what we do, and we love working with people who are passionate about what they do. That's what we look for in a client - passion. We've worked in places where at the start of a project you're given an estimate, and at the end of the day you end up paying 3 times that amount. Not here. We know how long it takes us to complete something, and our estimates reflect that - exactly. When we tell you it will cost $X, it will cost $X. Not ((X+Y)/Z)+W. $X. 

We are on time with deliverables, and stick to the schedule that we've promised you. We stick to the price that we've quoted you. We deliver the work that we promise you. If anything changes, we let you know before proceeding. We operate in a transparent manner, where you know what stage we are in the process the entire way through. We work with you not for you. That's how great projects are made, and that's how we operate.


Our process

It's simple: we love seeing your business grow. The process that we've developed over the years combines methodology, relationships, and dedication to client success helping us execute every single project both on time and on budget.


Sales Process

It's our mission to provide you a great return on your investment. Equally important is the customer service and attention to detail that we provide. This guide will help acquaint you with the process you're about to embark upon as a potential A. W. Duncan Creative client. 

If you've already contacted us and have landed on this page, or are doing some homework on how we work - thank you for taking the time and we hope this illustrates the sales process you're about to go through. 

Web Design is unlike any other business or service you may have purchased before.



Are you an ad agency, marketing firm, PR company, web development company, or other professional services firm looking for a reliable partner in an always-evolving web design space? Becoming an A. W. Duncan Creative Partner might be perfect for you.

Over the years, we've developed strategic partnerships with firms to help bring the highest quality web design and internet marketing services to our Partners' clients.



Although it's our mission to grow your business, we understand that working with a design agency isn't just about results, it's about communication and relationships. 

The better we can manage that relationship - the happier you'll be as a client, and the more we can work together to provide amazing results. 

So rather than judge us by what we have to say about ourselves, read what our clients have to say. At some point they were in your shoes. However, they contacted us, we built a relationship together and they entrusted us with their time, money, and information so we could achieving amazing results for their company.