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Our Process

How do things work at A. W. Duncan Creative?

It's simple: we love seeing our work help your business grow. The process that we've developed over the years combines tried and true methodology, the building of relationships on a foundation of trust, and dedication to our clients’ success helping us execute every single project both on time and on budget.


Step 1: The Discovery Phase

Your business is unique, and as such, so are your needs. The Discovery Phase is where your needs are articulated. We then take the reins and collectively brainstorm, research, and combine your needs with our technical knowledge to create a solid plan for your project.


Step 2: Requirement Definition

With this step, we gather a list of your requirements and begin formulating a plan. Done through documentation, site analysis, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design, and more, this step ensures that each party fully understands the project’s expectations and helps to ensure a happy, profitable relationship. 


Step 3: Design & Deliverables

We provide designs based on the previous two steps. If applicable, that design is then mocked up in Adobe XD so that you can experience your site as if it were fully developed. We manage this crucial step alongside you and present design samples for review and final approval. 

Step 4: Implementing and Testing

In this step, client interaction is crucial. Without feedback and approval, our team cannot move forward. Additionally, once we receive final approval we will then create, what we call, a "hand-off file." This file contains layered Photoshop designs of each page of your website, any vector designs, folders for all buttons, styling elements, and fonts. Once this is handed off to you, you should be able to hand these files to any competent web developer and have a site cranked out.

Step 5: monitoring the design 

Once you start working with a web developer to build your site, we will work closely with them to ensure that they fully understand all required functionality, design elements, and styling choices that we made along the way. We review any work that is completed and make sure that it is the same as the design we created, or if any changes are required, that they fall in line with the overall design and feel of the site.


A Methodology that works.

We stick to this process because it works. With this process, we're able to provide results, solutions, and a solid plan to help your business soar.