Other Companies.

A. W. Duncan Creative also consists of a few different separate entities. These entities serve a specific purpose within our overall company, and therefore are branded and exist separately from A. W. Duncan Creative. We think of each of these entities as unique clients just as any other client that comes to us, and any work that needs to be completed for these "clients" goes into the schedule just like everyone else. Below are details about what each specific group/company does, and how it contributes to the A. W. Duncan Creative vision and mission statement.


april 2017 - Present 

On April 28th, 2017 in a mixture of both nostalgia and excitement, Austin W. Duncan decided to pursue a new music endeavor. Currently this endeavor's purpose is to pass the time and serve as a creative outlet and way to feel productive. No current business goals exist but instead this is meant to be a peaceful and fun way to pass the time without the stress/anxiety of success. At this point no musical songs are planned to be released publicly, but instead will be played in both advertisements for other endeavors and within the offices of A. W. Duncan Creative. 

Updates or releases will be announced here. 


Happy Paws Pet Sitting™

april 2017 - Present

As of April 2017, A. W. Duncan Creative has taken over the management of a company that would normally fall outside of our wheelhouse. In the Lubbock, Texas area there is a need for an established and reliable pet sitting service. By utilizing A. W. Duncan Creative's vast experience in both successful, results-proven online marketing with a history of creating visually pleasing and eye-catching brands, we hope to help ensure the success of Happy Paws Pet Sitting™. Although the day-to-day operations are not managed directly by A. W. Duncan Creative, we look forward to this relationship as this company continues to prosper and grow in the Hub City. 

View the current website and make bookings here.



Steamboat Films™

april 2017 - Present

A. W. Duncan's Newest endeavor entails the creation and development of a YouTube channel. Initially started as a means to express our creativity in a way that we had currently never attempted, this endeavor is still new to us and very much evolving and changing on a daily basis. 

The goal of this channel will be to provide YouTube users a source of high-quality entertainment and information for free. We are eager to see how this channel grows and evolves as we become more experienced on YouTube, and include different types of content in addition to our more educational and informative videos. At the time of writing this summary, no videos have been uploaded to the channel yet - but we are creating both a schedule that lets us create a backlog of videos, and scripting out the first videos that will upload to the channel.

Updates and new videos will be posted here as well.



The Exploratory Christian™

September 2016 - Present

The goal of the Exploratory Christian entity is to foster a community of people to "explore Christianity to its core in an effort to grow closer to Christ and more knowledgeable in our faith." This began as a project by A. W. Duncan Creative founder, Austin W. Duncan, as a supplement to his series of books, "The Exploratory Christian," which are available for pre-order now. 

"What began as an attempt to regain some lost ground in a struggling relationship with Christ, became a journey that turned into far more than Austin could have imagined. Imagine shaping your desires into Godly desires, having your thoughts spiritually aligned and morally pure. The most important thing anyone possibly has is their time. When we give our time to God, we get back so much more than we put into it. We gain a relationship with Christ that is humbling, spiritually satisfying, and completely fulfilling."

Visit exploratorychristian.com to learn more.

A & C Duncan Handmade™

June 2016 - MAY 2018

A & C Duncan Handmade™ started in a garage in West Texas. Begun as a way to showcase some of the work Austin W. Duncan made for his home, he designed and built handmade home decor accents and furniture for friends, family, and others who enjoy his work. Each item was personally designed, unique, and handmade for each customer, something the big-name stores don't provide. We enjoyed getting to know our clients on a 1-on-1 basis and value their appreciation and enjoyment of what we provide. A & C Duncan Handmade™ focused on creating high-quality handmade home accents and furniture. We made unique reclaimed wood chandeliers, address signs, coasters, and even aquarium backgrounds. Our projects included a custom dresser that was absolutely massive (think 2 feet deep and 7 feet long), a custom dirty-laundry hamper with built-in sorting, and a custom stand-desk for a lawyer in the Texas Panhandle. 

Reverent Graphics™

December 2013 - Present

Reverent Graphics is the oldest of our endeavors that still exists today. A large reason as to why A. W. Duncan Creative exists today, is all thanks to this little bird on a branch. 

In 2013, Austin W. Duncan received an offer from a local church. The offer was to rebrand a local church’s pre-Mass announcements with updated/modern graphics, in addition to making an animated, engaging weekly verse for parishioners to meditate to before the service began. His first clients wanted these graphics to be created every week as a video they could plug into their current system. Functioning under his own name as a freelance designer, Austin maintained the relationship with his first client and continued to grow as a freelance designer and professional web developer. With a desire to create on a much larger scale, Austin woke up one day in November 2015 with a new idea and passion: to create a company that provides high-end motion graphics to churches nation-wide. Filled with this new excitement and passion, Austin founded Reverent Graphics as a place to allow that idea to grow and evolve. 

Reverent Graphics is still fully operational and offering its services to any Catholic parish or Diocese interested in changing their pre-Mass experience for their parishioners. 

Visit reverent.graphics to learn more.