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Diverse range of talent

Every company is different. It's amazing to us that some agencies put out the same style of logo time and time again, when the needs of each client are unique and filled with their own unique set of challenges. We regularly try to improve our craft, and feel as though the wider range our talent can entail - the better we are equipped to make something you'll love. We've made tons of logos, each with their own requirements: things like, 1 color logos, 2 color logos, badges, icons, logotype, you name it - we've done it. 


In addition to simply getting a set of files when we've completed the design, we provide mock-ups along the way so you can visualize what your logo may look like in various applications. As we work with you to come up with a final design, you'll get to see our favorite designs for your project placed on relevant media (for example the Tazza coffee shop logo placed on a mugs in a coffee shop setting). 

Day 11 - Art Mockup.jpg

Branding guidelines

If you're needing a logo made, chances are you'll need some branding guidelines as well. If you're unsure what branding guidelines are, we're happy to explain it. There's a reason that you hear people say, "That brand looks so Apple-ish" or "I want this to feel more like IKEA." "I like simple logos like Nike, Adidas, or Reebok." These companies are excellent examples of strong brand management that at their roots were set forth by Brand Guidelines. 

This kind of standards are not hard to achieve but do take a little time and effort, and a clean start from rock bottom approach helps out tremendously. We'll assess your brand and set forth some very strict, no, super-strict rules. 

Your brand is one of your most important assets and by defining your style it forces you to have a cohesive look across any market you decide to enter.

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